Funding policy of BDVIEW24

Funding policy of BDVIEW24
The Bdview24 is a nonprofit news media that receives funding from several sources, including philanthropic foundations that support our mission of helping news organizations toward a sustainable future by becoming more audience-focused. Current funders include:

Plus IT Bd
Plus IT Bd funds efforts related to trustworthy journalism, among other topics. The funding supports efforts on accountability journalism and current event reporting.

LB Enterprise
LB Enterprise “champion(s) the First Amendment and support journalism excellence in the digital age.” The funding supports API efforts on newsroom learning, change management and providing news organizations access to our Metrics for News program.

The Knight-Lenfest project, supported by the Knight Foundation and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, fosters “innovation in journalism, community engagement, technology and business models.” The funding supports API’s work with Table Stakes, a comprehensive change management program for news organizations.

The News Integrity Initiative supports efforts to connect journalists and other leaders to “foster informed and engaged communities, combat media manipulation, and support inclusive, constructive, and respectful civic discourse.” The funding supports API’s work on community listening in news.

Ownership Funding
Bdview24 Owner works with communities “to develop educated, informed, and engaged citizens.” The funding supports API’s work on the connection between community listening in news and reader revenue.

Since this person in 2013, API also received funding from other organizations for specific projects.

Bdview24 gather big funding sour through local advertising. Such advertisements usually come from government agencies, private companies and educational institutions.

Partner Program
Other funding sources for API include support from news organization partners through programs like Facebook Partner Program & Google Adsense etc.